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Mustard Oil (Yellow Sarson)

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Adulteration of mustard cooking oil with argemone oil.
Consumption of adulterated mustard oil (Brassica nigra) with argemone oil (Argemone mexicana) even for a short duration leads to a clinical condition referred as epidemic dropsy. In humans, argemone oil contained in adulterated mustard oil causes oxidative stress and death of red blood cells via met-hemoglobin formation by altering pyridine nucleotide(s) and glutathione redox potential. Argemone oil contamination poses a serious threat to human health and should be checked by appropriate regulatory measures. Antioxidant therapy provides symptomatic relief and should be seriously considered for therapeutic interventions against argemone oil toxicity.


Categories: Halal Food

What Are The Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil? The health benefits of mustard oil are multiple. It is known to cure diseases and problems related to the heart, skin, joints, muscles, and so much more. Following are some of the well-known benefits of this wonder oil. 1. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer 2. Has Cardiovascular Benefits 3. Is A Natural Stimulant 4. Stimulates Sensation In The Muscles 5. Relieves Cold And Cough 6. Eases Joint Pain And Arthritis 7. Helps Heal Chapped Lips 8. Improves Functioning Of The Organs 9. Has Antibacterial, Antifungal, And Anti-inflammatory Properties 10. Beneficial For Asthma 11. Is An Excellent Insect Repellent 12. Whitens Teeth And Treats Dental Problems 13. Boosts Brain Function 14. Promotes Overall Health 15. Removes Tan And Dark Spots 16. Lightens The Skin Tone 17. Natural Sunscreen 18. Treats Rashes And Infections 19. Has Anti-Aging Effects
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